Tuesday, 14 January 2014

How are you?

I was reading some blogs and I found this post about the importance our time.
Are you doing the final psychology work? Will you do it the last day? Did you finish it?
How many times we have said “If I had started early…”? I don´t know if it is similar to you but I am used to do my works and study the last days and (sometimes) when I am doing them I think: I want to continue doing it, I am “enjoying” and I want to do it the best as possible but I haven´t got more time. I wasted it.
Why don´t I start before? Why do I need a lot of pressure to do it?
Whenever I finish my final exams I say: Ok, for the next time I will study early. But I never do it… How about the exam of today? Did you do it well? I should have started to study early… I would have done it better jajaja.
Sometimes we propose some things but we never carry out. For example, the last January, how many of us had some purposes? And how many of them were carried out? And this year?
I was thinking about this and I have got one solution. Like George, we can do the opposite. Until now we were proposing improbable things and we know it, so, shall we propose probable intentions? For example, not to get the objectives we have this January.
I am going to do my psychology work because I have not started yet. I think I will need more time… ^.^ Do you think so?

Laura Sanz.


  1. Hi Laura, hi everyone

    It's great to read you again, and also to know that other classmates, even from other groups, are being read :)

    I think that your suggestion is quite interesting: just do the opposite. In fact, it reminded me a lot to something that Alejandro suggested me around five years ago, when I was starting Psychopedagogy degree and I wrote in my blog something about those resolutions which are usually postponed... http://glorianogueiras.blogia.com/2008/113001-adelantando-propositos.php

    I hope you have 'time enough' to enjoy the ellaboration of the psychology assessment. Did you do the opposite and did you already started...? :)


  2. Hi Gloria

    it is good to see you here (we have a pending conversation to catch up)

    It is quite funny because I remembered too your previous post about the same issue that Laura is talking about. Interestingly you two had the same idea. I still remember my paradoxical proposition that this year has been interestingly provided by Laura. Paradox interventions were typical in the work of strategic family therapy interventions based on the work of Milton Erickson.

    Well Laura I hope you will have enough time for your final paper, I am sure of it. Anyway do not worry for that. Remember (you and all the rest) that we had today as the deadline, but it is flexible... It was good for you to have a date in order to manage better you time. But if you need more time you can take it...

    Thanks once again Laura for writing

    See you Gloria soon by Skype


  3. Gloria, were you Alejandro´s student? Jajaja it is curious.
    It is interenting for me you had the same ideas as I have now. Sometimes I forget teachers were students too and they could have more or less the same kind of worries like us. Maybe I may writte down my worries and when I am teacher, I will read them and know my students´worries.

    Thanks Alejandro to be flexible!!! I really need a little bit more time.


  4. That would be really interesting, Laura! the thing about writting your "worries" (and not only worries), I mean. In fact... I think that you´ve been doing it throughout this first semester... ;)

    Yeah, I had the pleasure to be an Alejandro´s student, in my first year in "Psychopedagogoy", a degree that I studied after "Teacher Training". And... thanks to him I started to explore the blogs´ field (and much more things).

    Enjoy your process, Laura.

    See you by Skype, Alejandro.