Monday, 21 October 2013

Abstract of our review process

The last Thursday 17 of October in Psychology class, the students were distributed in groups to do an activity, a summary. In this exercise we had to share in common our opinions and our points of view about all the lessons we had in the last two months. The final objective was formulate a different questions of which three were chosen for the 1º A and 1 º B groups of Primary Education degree.
Our group consisted of Raúl, Laura, Jesse and I (Elisabet) decided begin remembering all the projects we did. For that we drew a table with 3 columns. The first column we wrote key words that indicated what we did. The second column we put how we did and in the three column why.
Key words:
-Live course
In my group we talked about everything, about who we felt when we did the life graph, about why we chose these events, about how old we thought we had, about our paintings…
While we talked also we doing, making,  questions. From these questions we extracted those we considered the most important and then we proposed to the class justifying for why we believed were significant in this subject.
This work was presented in group because we felt that as all we had participated and dominated the summary, would be more dynamic presentation.
Our questions was:
-¿Por qué y cómo cambia tanto una persona según los acontecimientos que le hayan sucedido en la vida?
-¿Cómo podemos saber la forma en la que ve el mundo un niño mediante los dibujos que realiza?

The justification we granted this questions was:
1-Because this question is so important to create a debate in to the class and expose our ideas to answer the question related with the concepts we talk in the subject and set a conclusion. After the debate the class can ask to the teacher and compare the conclusion with his explication.
2-We choose this question because the answer will be useful to us (when we will be teachers) in the future to know our students mind.
Future question: what are the differences between the individual development in girls and boys?
Finally we considered that we did a good job and for that and for the time we worked in the summary we said that we had 95 % in the time work

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