Friday, 22 November 2013

My favourite class

14.11.13 that was my favourite class until now. 

Alejandro had gave us a text “Sobre no estar en pareja”, I wanted to read it but I hadn´t got enough time. It didn’t matter because the teacher hadn´t forced us.

That day we speak about obligation. Our teacher said that sometimes obligation is counter-productive. It is true! I am right now writing my own reflection in our blog despite this is voluntary. Simply I want to do it.
We have a blog for each subject and we have to write on them. It is horrible for me. In my opinion, when someone orders us to do something, if we do it, we usually do it without interest because of the obligation. We should reflect it.

In this subject I have learnt that we have different types of attachment, for example, with some people. We felt this when Alejandro didn´t come, part of the class missed him. We have attachment with animals (pets) but with objects too. We felt this with the pens that our teacher gave to us. But it is important to know that our attachments are different. Some people wanted that Gloria was our teacher and some of us doubted about who were the real owner of the pens.

On 14.11 we realised that we can have attachment with activities like reading, doing sport, listening to music or being in love. I have never thought about it but it is true too.
There is a problem: obligation. 

This breaks sometimes the attachment between activities and us. A lot of teenagers hate reading, due to their teachers have forced them to do it.

In conclusion I propose to look for motivations when we do different activities and try to create attachment with them. 
It is important that we enjoy whatever we make and do it with freedom.

Laura Sanz.

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  1. Hi Laura

    I opened Feedly to track new posts in the blogs I follow and found your post. It was a good surprise, to be honest. Not only because there was a new post. Above all because this is the kind of post I was interested to read, that I was trying to promote. And knowing that as a teacher you just can prepare the field, seat and wait. Up to now this is the best example of free thought you have provided to me (I refer to the whole group B and also the group A). This does not mean that there is not mental movement beyond the blog. I think I feel it. It is strange to talk about these kind of thing but I can feel it.

    Although Andrea published an interesting post two weeks ago, this is different because the topic is completely new, fresh, original. A thought in action, thinking as a living process.

    So for me, just for this, this course is valuable, this course got something.

    I always take risks as a teacher, I like that. It makes me feel awake.

    Maybe you will understand more things that will come soon. We construct our meanings, our contexts, our bonding processes thanks to we attach to experiences. But many people just react to other's meanings instead of creating its own .

    You began to create your meaning of this. Congrats