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We have concluded that development is a progress, it can be complex or simple but it is always going to be a internal process where we can differentiate  three different forms: Transit (a continuity process), Transfer ( a continuity process but step by step) and the last one is  Transformation ( it is an ensemble of very important big steps, or better said,  a change that makes a different kind of change, a qualitative change)

Development can be changeable (variation) (this is the change of the content) and transformable (transformational) :( this is the change of the structure).

The most important point for us is differentiate between  the process and the product; if we don’t do a good process it’s impossible to obtain a good product. We have to focus on each step and do it right enough to have a good product.

We have learned that  are different concepts associated with the life course theory such as  "life events" (transition), that means something depending on when they happen (you did not elaborate this too much... you could or should say more, for example a life event is something that happens to you meaningful enough to remember it, it is an example of transfer in your life, so when you begin a new course is a life event and around it there will be a transition taking place for weeks or even months, depending on how long is the time needed to adapt to that life event, such as starting a new course). Do not forget the concept of "turning point" a special life event because it signals a qualitative change because there is a change in your developmental trajectory or a quality change as a change in your subjective structure)

In all developmental process there is a expected trajectory (this idea would need longer elaboration)

A concept that has come to our attention is the turning point: special change that marks a change in your trajectory that it can be in a positively or negatively way. It changes you as a person.

In my opinion the most important thing that I’ve learnt during this time is to analyze lineal and cyclical pictures of the life because I think that is a very good activity that you can use to describe your life in different ways.
In this activity I saw  different type of pictures to represent life, with metaphors as a little tree which becomes in a big tree and simple human lifelines.
In conclusion this activity made me think a lot   about my 20 years old life.

In the exercise of the drawings in which every couple of students had to do a drawing progressively , ensuring that the partner would guess what was going to be drawn , we have learned that everything has a process and starts with something simple, and is slowly taking a complex form . In this case , we've seen the pictures , but like these , however ; for example, when we build a house, we start with the foundation and gradually the structure grows until it is fully completed.
In short, everything is a process and it starts being something simple, and finally becomes more complex

The activity that surprised me most, was the one  in which we explored subjectively the transit and the transfer. You had to close the eyes and be walking thinking about the step of your life, from the first recollections till now. Stepwise. This way we could understand better the difference between transit and transfer, and see the transformations. I liked it very much because I remembered things that  I already had forgotten.


The best part that I liked was when we had to draw what meant the idea of development for us.
I used to have just one idea of development but when we were in groups, I realized that there are many different ways of considering the idea of development. For  example: environment development, physical development, mental development, etc
It was nice to share the ideas with the rest of the class and to know more about that topic.

Steps of Life
The exercise consists of drawing a straight line, and go on drawing a line for each memory ,starting with the earliest memory of your life, until the last . Besides we closed our eyes and and we walked every step as an example of any of ours memories .
Every time we passed through our lifeline we stressed three different ways of understanding change : transit , transfer and transformation .The first was every step , every memory is all fluid. The second is when you have produced little change in you life  and finally transformation is a brutal change (not necessarily brutal ;) but meaningful indeed).
From my point of view is a peculiar exercise, because initially it was not easy to understand it and remember your first actions since birth , but it made you think and reflect on the steps you have been taking and  you are also seeing how life evolves and  we change 

One of my favourite things that we have done in this subject, is drawing ourselves as teachers and then having to draw our lives or the most important events from them.
Having to draw myself as a teacher, made me think which was my main aim and what type off teacher I wanted to be. That exercise actually  makes you realize whatt is more important to you, as you have only a couple of minutes to draw your life, spontaneously, random events came to our minds, and maybe we hadn't thought about them in ages, but as it is meaningful for us we had the need of remembering them as a positive or negative change.
So we could say, that what I like the most of this subject is the fact that it makes us notice little things that have always been there but that we just had ignored .Now I focus more on the process than on the product.

 At the beginning I didn't know anything about this subject,  It was unknown for me but now I have learn that the development is a process that can be a transit,transfer or transformation.It is lika a state of increasing differentiation, structures develop from simple to complex like most things in the life.I have learnt that It is impossible to return, to begin again.
A thing that has called my attention has been the importance of the process.We don't have to concentrate just in the end in the product because the most important is the process.If the process has been made corretly way, the product will be perfect.
Another activity that has called my attention have been the drawings because we have focused on that a little and important things of life and we have realize about things that we haven't thought before.

 For us the most important part of these classes has been the things that we talk about, development the idea of transfer, transit and transformation, that this has been the most difficult part because it is difficult to understand. It has helped us to concentrate not only in the product, but also in the process (progress, steps…).Specially, in our lives we have been able to notice about steps and turning points that we have lived, and that have changed us as persons. The content of this subject is totally different about we had thought before the beginning of it.

GROUP OF: Senay, Sergio, Sofía, María, Gabriela, Carla y Silvia.

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    I reviewed your post (lingüistically speaking the changes appear in blue). Please take note of the corrections for future posts. I liked the part where you individually highlight what you consider was the most interesting part of this first unit.

    It is interesting for me that you didn't expect this subject as it is being, good to know. There is still a lot to cover and I am sure that best is still to come.

    Thanks for sharing your ideas