Thursday, 9 October 2014


When we connect the computer to search in internet, I think that the 90% of young people only search music in youtube, pages to buy clothes, pages to see the new videogames that have been promotioned, etc. The unic moment that we search something in wikipedia, for example, is when the teacher have said to search some information which we have to do a work. Is interesting or boring? The mayority says that is boring, but they don´t think that in the past anybody could permit the luxury of search imformation if they didn´t have books or diccionaries to search it, and know, with the new technologies, is so easy. It´s true that I don´t search in wikipedia all time, but sometimes I like search things that i didn´t know and then you remain it, because if you search something that the teacher has ordered, you only search it to do the work and then you forgot it, but when you search something because you want, always you are going to remain it. For example, last day I was playing a game and i was boring, so i enter google and search "Developmental Psicology", and i was watching the page when i see an interesting theory of Freud, that explain the different periods of the child when he is one year, that he likes to bite allthings, when he is 3, that he likes to play with his pooh, when he is 14, that he is interested (more or less) in girls and starts to interest in his sexual appearance,he is developping his body, etc, and then the last period in which he is mature, he is responsible, etc; but when I read this I remainded that I have studied it last year! I was very surprised and i know that I didn´t forgot it never.
So, I Invite you to search more in internet because is good for your mind and I´sure that you could learn a lot.

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  1. Great Pedro

    We will explore soon new ways of looking for information in addition to Google and The Wikipedia. I agree with you that the most important thing is the initiative to do a search. Very good as a start