Sunday, 14 December 2014

About Robert Kegan's model of development

As we are going to be dealing with Kegan's model, and I am afraid that we are running out of time, I've been working these days on this video. It summarizes and simplifies his theory stated in his 1994 book "In over our heads".

I hope we will have time to discuss some of his ideas during our last session next wednesday.

Anyway, I want to warn a couple of things regarding this video. I disagree with the connection the author does between every order of consciousness and age. That connection is not so simple and evident at all. Most of adults never get beyond a third order of consciousness according to Kegan's studies. So it doesn't matter if you become old. You are not going to get a higher order of consciousness just because of that. It will depend on how do you manage and make meaning from your life experiences.

In addition to this most adolescents are probably in between second and third order of consciousness as most adults are in between third and fourth order of consciousness,although some of them could stay at second one. Besides the context will influence our behavious in the sense that in good conditions we can work in a higher level and in weak conditions we will probably will act below our real possibilities.

After watching the video if you want to know more about Kegan's theory you can review these slides.

I will try to pose an example in order to explain this in a following post.

Now this is the video.

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