Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Secondary topics about the session of 2nd of December


If you want to read more about some of the topics we were discussing today I recommend the following links:

Here you can read about the Kegan's quote I mentioned (about the cake). I will look for the original quote. I had to translate it from his book "The evolving self" (1982).

And here I recommend you read this post written by John McWhirter as an example of intervening in order to promote the transition from a preoperational stage to a operational one. I addition to it I also wrote a post seven years ago reflecting on this same matter. I think it would be appropriate for you reading it too.

If you read all this you should have many new ideas about this transition on becoming a logical concrete thinker.

But if you want to reconnect again with what meant to be more preoperational then I suggest you review the following video.

Comments are welcome ;)

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