Thursday, 8 January 2015

I want to talk about an activity that I have been thinking a lot in this Christmas holidays, it was the free sound, we had to closed our eyes and stay in silence, and we had just to listen the sounds. It was so confused because each of us thought that it was a different situation… this is very entertainment because we weren’t aware that each one of the class in the moment that we were with the eyes close, we were thinking in different situations, so when the sound finished we started talking about what we thought that was happening during the sound… With this activity I have realized that each of us have a different way of thinking. So we are like differents worlds.
So I think that we can be tricked by a simple things… because later we were talking about how a video or an image changes depending the music and the soundso we are very manipulated… Are we aware about how we can be manipulated by something or someone?...

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