Thursday, 15 January 2015

Small heroes in trouble

Six years ago I participated in an European project which pretended to provide teaching resources thought to work with boys from 6 to 11 years old, this is, primary school. The target of this project was promoting the training of all those students (as you) who wanted to become primary-school teachers.

I forgot to include this material last year. As it is in english I did not used in my classes. But now it makes no sense not mentioning it.

You can find in this web-page different chapters convering a broad range of topics:

Body and Health
Conduct Disorder
Culture and Society

I encourage you to explore all the material you have available here (the exercises) and here (the full papers).

Me and Carmen Santamaría ( an english teacher of our faculty and also a colleague and friend) wrote a brief chapter dealing with how to train children to manage intepersonal conflicts. Our paper delineates a workshop to train these social skills based on developmental theories. I used the work of Selman who developed a stage theory of Social Perspective Taking which is quite useful in order to understand how people deal with intepersonal conflicts.

You can also see it as an example of teaching methodology according to developmental premises.

Although we had not time to include it in the classes, we can do it now "for free" just attending to your interest in the matter.

I guess you will understand it better once you have reviewed all the subject. Much more once you have read and understood a little bit the work of Kegan.

In addition to this I hope you can explore the rest of the material. All of it could help your future classes as a teachers.



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