Wednesday, 7 January 2015


I´ve put Summary to this blog because, here I´m going to writte a summary about this subject.

First of all, I want to thank these four months in which they have helped me as a person and as a future teacher. Secondly I would like to write here what I felt and what I've learned during these months in addition to the self, so get to work!
I started doing the self, if you really know the importance of that letter, which I did it fast and without thinking, until one day I woke up and saw an email that opened my eyes, and I realized he importance of that writing, and no longer just for the note but for myself. I went back to do it again, and this time in English because the mail was also the explanation of in English or Spanish, and realized that we are bilingual, and honestly that question had neither having done that. As I was saying, I redid the text, I began to ask again and again what he had learned in this course he had done and not during those months and was able to say many more things I thought I knew.

Secondly I mean, I have been very strange months in this subject, I mean, I never knew what were going to do in each session, but reading the text Kegan, I realized the importance, in my view, this whole subject is related to a "bridge".
Everyone will asked about why I´ve decide this bridge and not another ,  and now I´m going to answer you. As this subject so strange in the sense of not knowing what will happen, this is  for me the bridge that I relate more to the subject.

Reading the text of Kegan I realized how many times I might have crossed every day but scary at that point you have, for fear of what will happen at the end or just sloth, I've missed, and that is the worst thing I´ve done in this subject.

Summering up, this brief overview about my self-assessment I mean , a hard time opening mine eyes and realize that I know more than I thought, that this document has served to give me more aware of things, to value  more , but mostly to grow up  as a person and mature, to know that I alone can do things and if I need help that suits my learning, but more important to ALWAYS have the courage to cross that bridge.

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  1. Hi María

    Interesting post. I have just read it, but I want to wait to answer it as it deserves because I prefer not to influence too much now in the personal process or your classmates. Needless to say that I have enjoyed quite a lot reading it.

    More soon, I promise