Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Digital representation of Time Lines with Tiki Toki


Last Monday I gave a conference about my experience as head of my department. As past of my presentation I wanted to show which are the main milestones of a department activity through a complete course.

I was figuring out how to show that in a clear and interesting way and I remembered time lines, the objective ones at least. Asking the attendees to the conference to walk through subjective timelines was not probably the best idea ;)

So by chance I found this webpage which provides an interesting tool to represent sequential representations easily in a digital way.

It is called tiki toki (

It took me ten minutes to learn how to use it for my presentation, it is not difficult at all.

Here you have a tutorial about it

You can explore also in Youtube in order to find more examples.

I am sure it could be an interesting tool during your Grade.

But I think it gives lots of possibilities in our subject about Developmental Psychology. It is possible to integrate different categories in one story and represent it in two and three dimensions. It is also possible to ad images, videos, sounds in addition to text.

Plenty of possibilities.

Could you have used it with your personal timelines? Would it make sense? Could it be interesting in order to summarize or integrate what we are exploring and learning through our course?

That is up to you. But I can tell you I am going to explore it deeply.

I hope you find it interesting and useful.

By the way here you have my own simple example (it will available just a month or so, click in the circle on your left down which allows to see in 3D)

See you


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