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After a careful reading of your posts (thank you so much for them by the way) I came up with  a couple of conclusions.

I wanted to check what you included in your definitions. But even more important I wanted to know what you excluded from them. I think, in terms of our matter on development, that what we exclude or not include is even more important.

All three posts include the idea of the influence of context (as Culture o History).

You mention the idea of different stages through life referring to something that changes.

About the nature of this change it is cyclical, continuous and discontinuous in one post (the first one posted by Bea), endless and discontinuous (I guess it implies it is cyclical as well in the second one posted by Gema) and more linear although with bifurcations and discontinuous (as we read in the third one posted by Virginia).

It calls my attention that there are few allusions to the theoretical quotes we read  the last class.

Only the third post suggests some relationship with Wund's idea of "every stage of this development is already contained in the preceding and is, at the same time, a new phenomenon". As Virginia's group said "It comes from a basic starting point from which develop new states or stages that are include in the above". 

So my question right now is why there are so few ideas connected to the quotes? Were they really understood? 

It is interesting that there is none attempt to describe how is the process of change. As there is something that changes (what we can call a structure A in a state A) how does it become  something else ( structure B in a state B)?

How is the nature of this change or transformation?

The concept of epigenesis is useful in order to add information to this. And Werner's orthogenetic principle is key to understand this process of change which involves three things: differentiation, articulation/organization and integration. 

Interestingly these two notions about development are right now out of your understanding. They are probably meaningless and maybe this explains why they were not included. 

And that's quite normal. They are not easy to grasp. 

Let's see what happens tomorrow. 

Anyway thanks a lot for participating and sharing your thoughts. 


PD: If there are more posts I will comment them too. 

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