Sunday, 23 November 2014

About pens...

Some days ago, Alejandro made an experiment with us.
We were talking in groups about attachment, when suddenly, Alejandro said that we were his best class, so he has bought a present for us. I was a little shocked... we were his favourite class?! I didn't belive that but I decided trust him.
Then, every one chose a pen. Pens were of all the colours, somo red, others black, green, blue, and there were some with all the colours in one!! I chose the black one...

After that, we continued working and talking about how nice had been Alejandro, but some minutes later, he talked again, and now it was completily different; He said that he used to be a liar, and those pens aren't for us, so we returned the pens to him.

In my group everyone was talking about this... is it an experiment for us?, are we Alejandro's laboratory rats?, has it an objective? and... what is the objective?... all were questions.

I felt sad when he did that, and a little confused.

After maybe, ten minutes, Alejandro spoke again, now he said that pens really were for us, so we had to chose them again... I chose it because I'm a educated person but, there were some people that cought none.

Next, until the class was finished I got confused. I dindn't know if Alejandro was lying this time or if the pen was mine now.

I think Alejandro did this experiment for that we can feel what we think when we have something that is our and then, somebody removes it.
I think that pens were a good choice because it's something with not much value, so it didn't affect us so much like if instead of pens it were be an animal or something special.

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