Monday, 17 November 2014


We were in groups thinking about the texts that we read the last day, they were four texts and we were disscussin the content and the meaning of each one.
Suddenly the tacher said "Like I am a good teacher I am going to give you a gift to each one"...and I though "Oh how cute is the teacher" and he went one by one with a plastic bag filled of pens.And each of us caught a pen, we were so happy because It was a very good detail. But when the techer went out  we started thining about the meaning of this because this is a psichology class and we are like lab rats because we have to learn and he do always things to make us thinking.  And when he arrived, he told us to give back the pens and we said "oh this was the "experiment"".We continued doing what we were doing and I was writting because I thought that we had to talk about that and the teacher said okey I am going to give you again a pen and each one  but we weren't enthusiastic because we had already talked that he went to take back again and I took one but I wasn't  feeling like before.Although we werent feeling like at the first time that he gave us the pen it has been a very big detail.So the change in us were our feelings like we were disappointed.
But I dind't think that the pen was mine because we are accustomed a things like this to learn and now with everything that we have learnt in psichology we can think beyond of what we see so the pen wasn't owr, because it was of the teacher. This kind of classes are perfect to learn more things. Like the days before we were talking about the attachment this was to learn better this terms.

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