Monday, 24 November 2014

Attachment and ball pens

Last week we were working in groups, we were discusing about the activity of the texts about diferents attachments, when suddenly the teacher said " I have a present for you" .. in that moment II thought that it had to be an exam, I was sure.

But when the teacher caught a bag with ball pens and he said that we have to catch one of them I thought  that only could be a trap or an experiment.
When he gave us a the pen, I saw that he didn´t give pens at some of my partners, it was very  suspicious for me, although my theory about an exam wasn´t a good theory.

Later when the teacher said "Give me the ball pens", I thought that it was an experiment or in the
class could have a camera recording the activity and our reactions about the activity of the pens.
He said that we had to continue with the activity of the texts, but afterwards he returned with the bag and the ball pens, but now it was not the same, now we could to choose if we wanted the pen or not.
In my case i said no, because I didn´t have any confidence with the teacher and all the  situation seemed an experiment.

Now in this moment I think about that and I remember my behaviour, I think that I had that suspicious attachment in the ball pens activity because I always have had a lot of teachers in my life that they said that they had a surprise or a present for us and that present was an exam or were excercises to do in hollidays or every type of academic punishment.

In conclusión  the positive note of this activity is that  it made me reflect about my behaviour and attachment, and the negative note is that I don´t have black pen yet.

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  1. Hi Sergio

    We can work about your black pen ;)

    I would like you noticed that the meaning of the situation of that class came from your interpretation of it, an experiment or something worse. This is an example of feedforward, coming from your previous experiences with tearchers. And it is easy to expect the same that you lived in your past experiences. But this time it was not the same case, I am afraid.

    The confidence with the teacher (me) depends on our relationship, and it is developing and changing through time. As your expectations and model about this situation could also be changing through time as well.

    What happenned was not an experiment, it was planned and performed to provide an experiential example of a transition. This transition involved to create a bond with an object. Structurally speaking it is creating a bonding between you as whole and an object that could be part of you (could belong to you). The transition could even be more complex than that, but at least I wanted to explore that.

    In some sense the experience was a gift (not only the pen), because we do not stop usually to reflect on this kind of experiences. And that was my purpose. So in terms of teaching it was an ambiguous situation to explore a complex phenomena.

    As you say I hope you have more information about how and why you interpret some situations as you do, and its consequences.

    Thanks for writing