Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Pen activity.

Last class, we have discussed about the attachment of the last situations on the histories of the last class, and then we have made a mix between the attachment and the tree main processes, transit, transfer and transformation. In this first exercise the teacher has given us a pen while we were working in the other topic, and then, he has removed them, and after, he has repeat the same activity, but there have been changes from our part.

At first, from my point of view, when the teacher has announced us that he was going to give us a present, I was surprised and I had the feeling that maybe be he was lying, but I did not put much attention on this, I have let myself go by the situation and I did not think about the future, whereas other classmates thought at first that something bad was going to happen or even that the teacher was going to pick up our pens, without knowing the aim of the activity.

With this first exercise I have not experimented attachment, because of the context and the object, I mean that a new pen for me at this moment is not so important, so it has not meaning for me, but in other situation, maybe when I have needed a pen, the attachment for this pen would have changed, so all depends of the importance or the interpretation that we give, so the attachment will not be the same. I also think that I have not put much attention at the pen because is a thing that I can get easily, if it was something that I was looking for or I have worked so hard to reach it, my attachment will increase so much when I get this thing.

At the second part of the activity, when the teacher have picked up the pens, I have not experimented any feeling, because I have understand that this pen was not mine even though the teacher give it to me for safe for the first time. I have even not used this pen, so I had not time to made any attachment at this object, so when he have picked up, I felt like the beginning of the exercise, with indiference. Maybe be this is because I usually do not wait for something, I do not expect a result of something because I do not want to be disappointed about this, I prefer having a surprise, than a disappointment and truly I do not know if this way of thinking is because my past or my personality, my experiences or attachment through something. Maybe is because I do not give importance to something that I do not know, and I begin to generate attachment when I use it or give it a special meaning, in this case I would react badly when the teacher comes to me to pick it up.

Finally, the teacher has bring the pens back to us, my classmates have not accepted the pen this time, maybe because they were scared of not being able of get it again. I have chosen to take it because of what I have mentioned before, I have not any attachment at this object and I do not matter if I have it or not, so when the teacher has given it to me again, I have accepted it, because I do not care about it. In another case maybe I have thought a little bit, this would be avoidant attachment; I have to choose between take it or not, and if I choose the second one, it means that I do not trust in this person, because of my experience with him, because I know that he has give me a pen and then he has taken it back, and this is a bad experience for me so I do not want it to repeat, and I remember it and I refuse to take the pen again. But I repeat, that is not my case.

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