Friday, 7 November 2014


What do these pictures show?
Since We are born, we search build and maintain relationships with other to survive, learn, work, love. We feel this necessity  to be safer. The first person that give us safety is the mother. When the baby is into her belly for nine months, he create a special link because the baby satisfies his basic need.
I love this picture called "La Maternidad" de Klimt. 
When I look at this image, I see the word "attachment". I feel safety, love, quiet, It's very nice. Both need, in my opinion the attachment doesn't just recive the chid but also the mother because she feel the support and the "scaffolding"(we view with Vygostky) that the child need in his cognitive and motor development. With this concept "attachment", I find relation between attachment and the Sociocultural Theory. Development and learning are two process where intervenes maturational factors and social interaction. The learning is the base of development. The adults are the"scaffolding" to the child improves and gets to pass from
Zone of Potential Development to  Zone of Real Development.

This image shows us other concept of attachment. In this case, the attachment feels the adult. The baby catch the fingers to anyone,  because is an reflex. But, the adult feels an important person by his child. The mother feels that his baby need the safety and all that she can give him  to improve his integral development as cognitive as motor. 

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  1. Hi Lidia

    After reading you I have more clear that the main thing about Attachment for me in terms of development is how it is emphasizing the idea of relationship. That's what you are talking about as well. The sociocultural perspective of Vygotsky could not be understood without this notion of relationship. What the attachment theory provides is a deep reflection on the quality of those relationships we live and create. Instead of thinking just from an individual perspective attachment involves the option of thinking relationally, don't you think? This comment, by the way is probably and example of that, you and me thinking here together with many others that could join us.

    Thanks for your thought.