Monday, 24 November 2014


Good afternoon to everyone!

At the weekend, I´ve heard a conversation between Gloria and Alejandro, the last one, and it affects to me, so that because I´m going to write here.

I heard twice and I realised the importance of a relation with the teacher and the pupil. Also the role is very important here.  The role affects to you because of the enviorenment, the society, and the most important thing that is , you grow up and you change everything: your points of view, your physical and psychological etc.

Later, I don´t understand this phrase that you tell and is: You´re independent of your role. I know that I´m María López Agredano but I change because of my role. 

I also know and I´m agree with you, that is, to suck up to the teacher. I can´t believe that pupil with 18 years old up to know, continue doing that. For my point of view, If you want to have a good relation or have good results, you only have to be what you are not what you liked to be. This is connect with the role. I think the role changes you but in a good sense. It construct you a better person, because you decide with your role if something is good or not. When you notice that you change is because you´re growing up and making you a better person. 

Also with your role, you can going down , in this sense, you can change into a bad person, but that is the key if you´re maturing or not.

Comming back to the subject of the relation teacher-pupil, I think that the role is very important in this relationship. If you´re maturing to be a good person and also growing up , even if you are a teacher or a pupil you can´t go so up and becomes in a "witch." because you can´t forget that you have to teach pupil that one gropu understand at first and another ones that understand at second or third.

Summing up I would like to say that, even your growing up you can´t put more taller of what you are. You have to teach at same to everyone and the pupil have to respect the teacher that he/she haves. Because i don´t think the problem is the person, is the respect that someone have and also the role,that why is very important the decision that someone takes with the role, even if the role in that moment is good or not.

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  1. Hi María

    I had not had time to write you a comment. And yours was a post that really deserved one.

    First of all thanks a lot for listening the dialogue between Gloria and me. We never know for sure it they will be interesting for you, so I am glad of knowing that at least somebody found one of them valuable.

    What we were trying to express in that conversation is how some "roles" limit our behaviour sometimes. The person is not the role. And the relationship is not the role either. For me what is at stake is the possibility of being able to differentiate between your behaviour and the role, and also differentiate who you are, who the other person is, and also how your roles interact in a particular context and situation.

    Sometimes if you are in a coherent situation with a role (for example being student/teacher in a class) it is easy to follow the familiar rules connected to that situation and role. Many of these rules are not very conscious, and in general are habits. This is more clear is you are in a different situation (you meet a student/teacher in a restaurant, a concert, a journey, a swimming pool, etc...) and then it is not so clear how to interact. This makes clearer that every person goes beyond their roles. Finally what you get is two people interacting, creating a relationship (much more if you meet that person often).

    And in addition to be student/teacher there are more subtle roles such as being adult and adolescent, or adult and "non-adult" (whatever this means). This is the changing role we thought was happening as it was narrated by the student we referred to.

    Well I hope it will make more sense now.

    Thanks for the effort of writing and much more of trying to do it in english.

    Best regards