Wednesday, 19 November 2014


Grupo: Mara Bonilla, Alejandro García, Sara García, Lidia Torres y Cristina Martínez.

In this new modul, we are learning about attachment, through different activities:

  • Firstly, we saw a video that shows how children react when their mothers went away and later they came back. Children react different according to their attachment.
  • Moreover, Alejandro showed us three pictures which we had to guess the situation. Alejandro said that the conclusion is related with our experiences.
  • Furthermore, we made a test with different questions about several situations that we have to evaluated. The result gave us our type of attachment. In many cases we didn't know it until we did this experience.
  • Another day, he gave us four different texts about different attachments. We had to read in groups and we had to tell what thought about that and could be the different attachments in each text.
  • In the last class that we had, Alejandro gave us a bag with different types of pens and you had to choose one. Then, he take out our pens and he put again in the bag, and finally he repeated the same process. We could see the different feelings of people about attachment, that its depend on facility that you will have to take it.

In conclusion, the concept of attachment it's depend on enviroment, behavior that you have it, the neccesity that you have it to be with other peole and your experience lifes. All of this make that you react of different ways. It's important to know the behavior child of different types of attachment.

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