Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Love through eye contact ?

 I received a whatsapp with this video, I think that is very interesting because it talks about the first impressions and it says that you can feel to other person seeing him/her at the eyes during a time.
In my opinión is so abstract because I think that feelings can´t be adquire in a few time, but this is only my opinión, take a look at the video and you, ll have your own opinión.

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  1. Hi Sergio

    Believe it or not I thought about doing this kind of experiential exercises to work attachment and its connection with emotions, but I finally changed my mind.

    This is a classic exercise in Gestalt Workshops, it is what is defined as a "contact exercise". I have performed it twice with completely strangers and it has always been shocking in a positive way. The first time I would be around 22 years old in one of first Gestalt Seminars. You reminded me it.

    I have adapted it when working non verbal communication in a Master of University Teaching. You can explore contact experiences avoiding the most normal way of communication we have through language. Then you can explore how it is to get in touch with someone prioritizing other senses.

    One of the keys is that we do not use to spend time maintaining the experience. And even it could be said that we avoid contact with strangers and sometimes with known ones. To manage our own's feelings is not easy at all. It takes time to know our feelings and this kind of exercises work for that.

    So thanks, maybe I will regret not doing it in our class ;) who knows...

    Best regards