Monday, 17 November 2014

An experiment with pens.

Last day in Psychology class, Alejandro makes an experiment with us. We were divided in groups for comment many texts which we read in the class of the last day. When we are commenting them, Alejandro said that, because of he was so generous, he was going to give a pen. Then, he gave us a pen which we chose, but he did an action which I supposed that he was an experiment, and he did not give their pens; so I was suspicious of him.

Secondly, he took away us their pens, because he did not as generous as he thought. But, he went to back giving their pens for us, but in that moment I did not want a pen, because he was doing an experiment with us, and I was not comfortable. Because of you take me away something, I do not want again.   

That experiment or activity can take in our lifes. For example, what type of attachment have you got with something which somebody has just to give? It happens between people. Somebody who I have just to know, we have not got the same attachment that our close friend, but what is there about our mistrust? I did not take a pen, in the second time, because I was afraid of his attitude of the first time.

Probably, with that activity, I can know me more, because I am afraid of somebody or something  who/which, did me a bad thing. I am very mistrustful, so I stay alert for not injure.

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