Friday, 21 November 2014


We have done a lot of activities to learn what the attachment is:

- The first one was“:With who would you go to the doctor? With who would you share a cruise, who would you phone after having an argument? Who would tell about something very good that happened to you? All of these questions made me think a lot because each one has a different answer but with similarities… for example in the third appears a situation which depends on with who you have the argument. But all of them are answered with: the friends, the family and the partner.
-The second was a questioner : a video  where showed how children react when their mothers went away and their behaviour was different depending on their attachment because they reacted when their mother came back.
-The third activity was to select the adjectives that were nearest to the relation ship with our parents and about our self, and then we had to find any kind of complementary between the adjectives we had underlined for our mother and the adjectives that underlined for us, and I saw a lot of similarities between both examples.
-The ford activity: the teacher explained us the basic characteristics about the attachment system and different models of attachment and with this I started to learn more and more about the attachment.
-The fifth: We watched pictures and with each one we had to think about what was happened, what would happen and things like this…and we talked about what we thought in groups. Then we did a test where said which kind of attachment we have.
-The sixth :We read texts that were examples of the different types of attachment and ----The last activity that we did was with the pens, that I have posted  few days ago.

So with all of these activities, we have learnt that that the attachment of each one depends on the environment and how they have been educated, the pass of time, the experiences, the changes in life, the stability, the behave…  so these are the factors that influence on children’s react and this is the attachment.

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