Friday, 21 November 2014


During the last weeks in class we have been learning the meaning of attachment, the first thing I would like to capture is a definition that seems very successful of attachment, María José Cantero defined Attachment as "the bond or bond you are established between two people as a result of interaction and leads them to maintain proximity and contact in achieving safety, comfort, and protection. "
   First we did was an introductory class with Gloria which she asked us questions like: who would you go to a doctor or a cruiser, and then with a serie of adjectives, we had to define our mother, with other adjectives to us and compare them, I think it was a class to make us think about our attachment, then we did some tests in class to approach the different attachments, see if you identify with one and also to begin to get used to using these types of tests as they are widely used in schools .
Having made these introductory sessions, we saw a video with several children to see about their attachments, then the teacher explained us one by one, this is important because we need to know all types of attachment and in the video we can see it very well. We also did an exercise in which we put a photo and we had to say that we thought that had happened and what would happen next, it is important because according to the attachment of each one, we imagine one thing or another and it is necessary to know well when we are in school to know the children, whether they have a problem, for example if they are mistreated.
Finally we were watching some texts with different attachment patterns and then comment on them, and to see how they get this kind of attachment ... it is important to know not only how to define it, besides to know how to recognize it in people... while we were doing this activity the teacher did with us a experiment with some pens, to see how we felt when someone gives something and then we take it away or lose it, although it is not comparable with the loss of a family member, the process is the same.

In my opinion to know and to learn to recognize the different kind of attachments is fundamental for our future profession, to know the children, but also to consider as important the new module, the cognitive development.

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